Back catalogue


Featured here is our legacy; a (soon to be) nearly complete back catalogue of raw and honest hardcore. Bear with us as we're working towards making these tracks available for download.

Cat #TitleArtist
SCP-001DeathchantFinal Chapter
SCP-00396 Knights (Remix)Psykopath
SCP-005We're Going To HellPsykopath & Offnote
SCP-006FUBARPsykopath & Hades
SCP-007Second DeathPsykopath
SCP-009Shreds Of DarknessDeimos vs Trinity Of Darkness
SCP-010Cemetery Lullaby (Remix)DJ Deathblow
SCP-011Deathcore SupremacyDeimos vs Trinity Of Darkness
SCP-012BlindDeimos vs Semen
SCP-013Destroy The ElysiumDeimos
SCP-014Come Play DyingLive Evil
SCP-01596 Knights (Remix) Re-recordingDesiccator
SCP-016We Will Never Forget (BPMbot Tribute)Dublin Terror Squad
SCP-017Nothing RemainsEmbryo Harvest
SCP-018Visions Of DisorderSemen & VOD
SCP-020Back UndergroundDeimos
SCP-021Introm (Castrom CD Intro Track)Castrom
SCP-022Fuck U Jesus!Castrom
SCP-023Transmission InterferenceWraith
SCP-024Druk ShitCastrom
SCP-025Necromaster (Clean Terror)Castrom
SCP-027Icepick (Remix)The Symbiot
SCP-028Lucidity Of DarknessDeath Charmer
SCP-029Deathchant (New York City Style)Semen
SCP-030Separated From RealityDeath Charmer
SCP-031Doom PhantasmsDeath Charmer
SCP-034The March Of Damnation - Opus nr. 1Serenity Trapped In Chaos
SCP-036New EraNME
SCP-037Nuclear FireDatastorm
SCP-038Nuclear Fire (Untampered Version)Datastorm
SCP-039Hectism HarmonyCastrom
SCP-040TelepathyAndrew Harris
SCP-041Industrial Death Part IDesiccator, Shyster & Psycho Mantis
SCP-042Diabolis InteriumTrinity Of Darkness
SCP-043Shit From The UndergroundDJ Noisekick
SCP-044FuckDJ Noisekick
SCP-045No More Newstyle!!!DJ Noisekick
SCP-046A World Of DarknessDJ Noisekick
SCP-048Deathcore SupremacyDeimos vs Trinity Of Darkness
SCP-049MF SkullsCastrom
SCP-050The Triangle (3 Tracks)Castrom
SCP-051Sacrifice To The GodsDublin Terror Squad
SCP-052Into HardcorePsycho Mantis
SCP-053Fuckin 'Ave 'EmHigh Priest Of Noize
SCP-054BlindDeimos vs Semen
SCP-055HybrideCastrom vs Outlaw
SCP-056Don't Want No Industry!Castrom vs Violentus
SCP-057I Am The Riot!Castrom vs Da Pinhead
SCP-058Agressor (Hectism Will Survive!)Castrom
SCP-059This Is What We AreDeimos
SCP-060Demonology Part IPsykopath feat. Deimos